Tambour Colors Magazine | Summer 2018

2 | TAMBOUR Walls CAN Speak Once you view the walls and paint in your home as a significant design element, you enter an entirely new and exciting world of possibilities. Just one color can create an atmosphere of utter calm in your home; a smartly painted wall will introduce drama into your space; and a unique paint effect can transform your home into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The possibilities are as rich as our color pallet. Here at Tambour, we believe that design starts with paint, and that walls deserve special treatment. We created this magazine to bring you the newest trends in the world of paint: classic and timeless colors, new fashions and all the possibilities that paint can open up for a beautiful, cozy and personal home space. Join us and get inspired. Let our walls do the talking – they have a lot to say. Yael Ben Zvi Tambour CMO